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[Fire Services]

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We provide a wide range of fire protection system design and installation projects for customers. In each project, our consultant team will understand the specific needs of the client and then send staff to the site to ensure the most accurate information and data.


Through careful analysis and careful design, we will recommend the best system design solution for our customers. In terms of material selection and construction, Pacific Sense is also meticulous.


We will select the appropriate materials, configurations, and products according to the system design requirements, in order to create the safest environment for our customers.


From the design, integration, installation, maintenance, and repair of the fire protection system, all of them are managed by us, in order to provide customers with "one-stop" perfect service.

Automatic shower sprinkler system

Fire hose Automatic and manual


Fire alarm system

Fire lighting system

Smoke/heat detection system

Gas fire extinguishing system

Kitchen fire extinguishing system

Temperature sensing cable system

Air sampling system

Gas detection system


Flame extinguishing system

Broadcasting system

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